We supply simply the best networking
technology to meet your specific requirements.

Advanced technical solutions

Digit matches your network requirements with the best technical designs and hardware. Our solutions are built with the future in mind, giving you confidence in the strength and resilience of your network and allowing it to grow smoothly with your business.

Our engineers have worked with multiple hardware suppliers, including Cisco, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Lucent, Xylan and Cabletron.

We have designed solutions for a diverse range of network and routing protocols and technologies. These include: TCP/IP; ATM; OSPF; IS-IS; L2TPv2; MPLS; RIP and BGP.

We can also help when it comes to installing and troubleshooting complex UNIX® server installations. Whether you're running Solaris, FreeBSD or Linux, we have the skills to assist you.

We aim to form long-lasting relationships with our customers, gaining an in-depth understanding of your technical needs. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your business.