Digit's network auditing service makes sense
of even the most complex networks.

Network auditing

Computer networks can be bewilderingly complex structures. At Digit, we often find that organisations have lost track of how their networks have been built and installed, as the people responsible for their deployment move on to new roles and employers.

The problem

Increasingly over time new routers, switches, and other components can be added without enough consideration given to the overall network architecture. While this approach will work for a while, sub-optimal and failure-prone toplogies tend to develop astonishingly fast.

Lack of an overall view of the network as it grows generally leads to poor performance, and consequently intermittent or unreliable service. In the worst case scenario, security holes can be created through unevenly applied access policy, potentially rendering your organisation's crucial I.T. systems vulnerable to internal or even external threats.

The solution

Digit's network auditing service puts you back in control of your network. We will carry out a complete analysis of your current network, and provide you with a fully documented network description, detailing the physical infrastructure, logical L2 topology and network routing policy.

Information that is currently buried in arcane routing configuration scripts will be presented in a legible format, exposing communications bottlenecks and pinch-points, and allowing you to make informed decisions about the future of your network.

Our trustworthy network auditing service is extremely competitive and great value for money - so give us a call now to get started!